Bali Mynah

Bali Mynah

Leucopsar rothschildi

Only found in two small areas on the islands of Bali, an Indonesian island in South East Asia.

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Tropical forests of Bali, these birds prefer high treetops and only come to the ground for water.

Our Bali Mynahs

We currently have 2 male Bali Mynahs, one is 17 and the other 7 years old. These birds are prone to a disease called iron storage disease and although they mainly eat fruit and seeds, cannot have large amounts of vitamin C.

They share this fact with our Silvery cheeked hornbills and Lemurs. 

Hopefully we will receive females soon.


  • Seriously threatened and close to extinction from illegal hunting and habitat destruction.
  • Their diet consists mainly of fruit, seeds, worms and insects.
  • These birds were only discovered in 1910.
  • There may be as little as 100 of these special birds left in the wild, although a survey in October 2010 only reported 56 birds.
  • Releases of captive bred birds have been carried out but it is unclear if any have bred
    successfully or not
Biological Characteristics

This conspicuous little bird is the last natural vertebrate left in Bali. They nest in hollow tree trunks, sharing the incubation, and the male bird attracts his mate with loud calls while bobbing up and down.


CR = Critically Endangered

CR = Critically Endangered

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