Carpathian Lynx

Carpathian Lynx

Lynx lynx carpathian

Carpathian Lynx are found in areas of Asia and parts of Europe, but most abundantly in Siberia.

Distribution Map

Carpathian lynx is a sub species of the Eurasian Lynx. These lynx are generally larger than those from the other 3 sub species.


Lynx live in forested, mountainous areas, away from human populations.

Our Lynx

Our lynx are brothers born in Germany. They were originally housed at the Highland Wildlife Park and came to us in 2012. Both are 17 years old and are most commonly seen in their hammock.


  • Carpathian lynx are not fast runners but ambush prey instead.
  • Carpathian lynx are nocturnal, hunting at night.
  • Logging, tourism and poaching threaten this lynx.
Biological Characteristics

Lynx have stout bodies, long legs, large feet and stubby tails. Their fur is soft and thick - usually a shade of yellow or greyish brown with faint lines or spots. They often have long hair around the neck and under the chin. They have fur on their feet which has a snowshoe effect in deep snow. Lynx have distinctive tufts of black hair at the tip of the ears.


LC = Least Concern

LC = Least Concern

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