Red-billed Chough

Red-billed Chough

Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

The global range of the chough extends from the European Atlantic coast through to the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. In Britain it is restricted to the west coast of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Distribution Map


Once found through out the British isles Choughs are restricted to coastal cliff and to mountainous regions. They are primarily found in mountainous regions of Europe.

Our Choughs

Although Chough's status is Least Concern they are endangered on the British Isles. There are two re-introduction programmes in the UK one of which is Kent and the other on Jersey. Our pair of choughs' have had 5 chicks The two from last year were released on Jersey. 

We are awaiting the call for this years chicks to join them.


  • The chough is related to the crow and raven and are intelligent birds often seen using tools
  • Their eggs which are laid in April or May have grey and brown spots.
  • They eat insects, beetles and other invertebrates.
  • They nest in cliffs or hollow crags. The nest itself is bulky and made of heather and lined with wool.
Biological Characteristics

They have glossy black plumage and a long curved red bill and red legs. Young choughs have an orange bill and legs until they reach their first autumn.


LC = Least Concern

LC = Least Concern

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